You can set up BUY SELL Trading Alerts with our indicators. It may be useful for some users who cannot keep up on all the charts all the time, Some traders prefer alerts to trade for various options, (IQ, Bot, Timesaving). This is the setting for you.

“Right Click” on any area of your chart -> Choose the first Option “Add Alert...” or Press “Alt + A” from your keyboard to open Alert option.


At the Condition, select “BUY SELL Pro 2.x”. You will find 8 types of Alerts.

If you want to get alerts for Buy Signal, Select “1 - BUY SIGNAL” from the drop-down box on the second row. Or select “2 - SELL SIGNAL” to get alert for the Sell Signal.

Select “Once Per Bar Close” on the Options, once the Signal is confirmed on the candle, then it will fire up the alert.

Likewise, you can select “3 - Golden Cross”, and “4 - Dead Cross” for the alert as well.


If you choose “Bullish Bar” or “Bearish Bar”, you may want to choose more than 30 mins TF, and “Once Per Bar Close” to get alerts.

For the Sideways/Strength Indicator, you will have 4 options as well for Bullish/ Bearish. When Pump or Dump action is happening, it will send alerts to you.

But for the Sideways/Strength Indicator,  you just need to select “Once Per Bar” for alerts.

The Complete Guide to BUY SELL Pro Indicator

Download comprehensive booklet of BUY SELL Pro Indicator.