Before Breakout/Pump or Dump you will see the Swing Pressure indicated as a yellow inverted triangle on the chart.


After the Swing Pressure triangle appears, you may want to wait for the next set of candles to make your next decision. Basically, the next one to three candles will decide if you buy or sell.

If you want to set the distance of Swing Pressure, you can change the value “8” at Swing Distance Bars to any number, the Swing Pressure indicator (yellow inverted triangle) will move accordingly to your setting value. As a default, the value 8 is set for Swing Pressure.

If you like to trade on the low Time Frame (TF) and see the Swing Session on another TF, you can do that by changing predefined TF on the Swing Session. As a default, we are using “Current TF" on the chart.

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