The indicator comes with a suggestion for LONG / SHORT with a Stop Loss entry and  Taking Profit levels for intraday and swing trading. 

In long Time Frame or > Day Chart, the price levels for Taking Profit (TP) will not be reached to TP 2nd level. Consider all the lines are going to support and resistance as well. You may only see price sharply going beyond TP2 and small time frames in very volatile markets. TP2 is mostly calculated for profit taking for swing traders.

All the lines must be considered for support and resistances before you short or long. Sometimes, short of long lines are considered support/resistance as well.  You must wait until the candle crosses above the line as confirmation. No matter if you shorted after crossing from Dead Cross/ Golden Cross/ Crossover, consider Long session and Short session entry lines as resistance and supports.

Remember not to trade when the market goes sideways if the long /short session is shorter than 1% Risk/Reward.


Long Session

When the market is bullish, you will see Long Session, which has a green line as an entry level. If the market is going sideways, the Long Session will not be effective to reach Taking Profit Level 2 (orange line).

Above the BUY Entry (a bright green line),  you will see two blocks of background for the TP1 level (indigo line) and another for TP 2 level (orange line). Below there is a block with a black line for Buy Stop-Loss.

Again, all the lines for entries and TPs are supports at retracement and become resistance at bullish. So you must confirm with other patterns as well, Golden Cross, Dead Cross, was short line supported?

Short Session

When the market is bearish, you will start to see the red thick line, which is a SHORT entry level. Below the short entry level, you will see two blocks of TPs. Above the short entry level, the red block with the black thick line is for Sell Stop Loss. Most of the time you will see Dead Cross before you see the short entry line.


Sideways & Bull Correction

After the price level pump, the Long line of green color will be following along with the market position. However, if those bars are remaining under the roof of Long line format, that means it is going sideways and will have a good correction for bulls, or dump is coming soon.

You will see this Market cycle all the time in any market, especially in Crypto.

Sometimes, you will see the breakout after the bull correction. Usually, it will break out to the price where it has main resistance before it goes sideways.

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